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Treatment for Sleep Apnoea Dublin

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping disorder that you might not even realise you are suffering from, usually your partner will be more aware of it than you are. The problem itself is a disrupted breathing pattern during sleep caused by a closing of the upper airways of your lungs when you relax and a period of time when your body stops breathing. This results in you losing a few breathes, lasting a period of around ten to twenty seconds (each occasion is referred to as an apnoea). Sometimes this might wake you up but more often than not you will simply resume breathing normally again without being aware of the disruption and without realising that you have woken up for a few seconds and that your sleep has been disrupted. Mild sleep apnoea is when between 5 and 15 episodes of apnoea occur within an hour, moderate between 15 to 30 and severe sleep apnoea is anything above this.

Who suffers from Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep Apnoea effects 1-4% of the population, usually these are men over 40 years of age with a sedentary job, for example driving or office work. Women are half as likely to have/suffer from sleep apnoea until they go through the menopause, when they start to suffer as much as men.

Those who are overweight are the most at risk of developing sleep apnoea and about 2/3rd of patient with the condition are overweight. This is partly because the extra weight upon the neck pushes down and closes the throat whilst asleep. It is no surprise that most people who suffer from sleep apnoea have a larger than normal neck.

Sleep apnoea can be seen in about 3% children, but the normal reason for this occurring is enlarged tonsils, easily treatable by having them removed.

How is Sleep Apnoea treated?

Located in the Beacon Consultants Clinic in Sandyford, our facility collaborates with major hospital sleep disorder clinics and other specialists and have been active in the development and use of oral sleep appliances in the area of Dental Sleep Medicine in Ireland over many years.

We utilise a range of new technologies and treatment approaches. These include the use of customised digitally fabricated oral devices with specific sensor technology use to enable monitoring for ongoing evaluation.

As a result, the clinic has been successful in assisting many patients, and oftentimes also importantly, their sleep disrupted partners, in achieving more optimal and healthy sleep experiences.

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