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Clinical Experts

We utilise a range of new technologies and treatment approaches. These include the use of customised digitally fabricated oral devices with specific sensor technology use to enable monitoring for ongoing evaluation.

As a result, the clinic has been successful in assisting many patients, and oftentimes also importantly, their sleep disrupted partners, in achieving more optimal and healthy sleep experiences. Click here to download the Beacon Dental Sleep Patient Brochure


Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Do you snore or stop breathing at night?

Understanding what Snoring & Sleep Apnoea is

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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Mangement

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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea FAQ’s

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Sleep Bruxism (SB)

Do you clench or grind your teeth at night?

What is Sleep Bruxism (SB)?

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Bruxism (SB) Management

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Bruxism (SB) FAQ’s

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Oral Appliance Therapy Program Process



Referral to the Beacon Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic by a medical consultant, we will then assess your suitability for Oral Appliance Therapy. This will involve a dental examination, an x-ray and a trial oral appliance, if indicated. If you have not been seen by a doctor, we will refer you to the appropriate medical consultant before further assessment.

Treatment Interventions

In the Treatment phase, you will be fitted with an oral appliance by an experienced restorative dentist with expertise in the field of dental sleep medicine, who will control and monitor your progress and response to treatment. All patients of the Beacon Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic are seen one week and one month following initial appliance delivery.


Follow up appointments

All patients with sleep apnoea diagnosis are referred back at this stage to their medical consultant for evaluation. The oral appliance is re-evaluated at the Beacon Dental Clinic at specified internals to evaluate its mechanical integrity and performance.


Beacon Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic is based in the Beacon Dental Clinic, Beacon Consultants Clinic, Dublin, D18 E7P4, Ireland

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