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Beacon Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic Testimonials

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Dental Sleep Medicine Testimonials

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea, I was first given a CPAP machine to treat it. It simply was not a viable solution for me. Besides the unpleasantness of having to be plugged in to such an invasive device, I also found it difficult to transport on overnight business trips.

My doctor referred me to Dr Owens, at the Beacon Dental Clinic, to be assessed for a sleep device. I found his intraoral device instantly worked for me. It is easy to use and transport and I can sleep well again. I have not looked back since.


Mr F Healy

I was referred to Dr Ed Owens in the Beacon Dental Clinic for sleep apnoea by a medical consultant. Dr Owens guided me through the process and I have found him to be courteous and very professional. My wife attended with me and together we were incredibly impressed with the service we received and the specific device he designed works really well for me. I have sleep studies to prove the improvement in my overall health. I feel so much better.


Mr J Quirke

I struggled with CPAP and was unsure what else was available for me. I have sleep apnoea for several years now. The CPAP machine disturbed my husband. When I saw my consultant a few months ago, she recommended I try an oral device and referred me to Dr Owens in the Beacon. The device is very easy to manage and there is no noise now in our bedroom! I have had another sleep study and it’s working really well. I feel good.

Karen K

I was a very bad snorer and it had become a lot worse over the past few years. My wife couldn’t tolerate the noise and I was sleeping in our spare room. I called the Beacon Dental Clinic and got an appointment to see Dr Owens. He assessed me and explained how he was concerned about my description of how I was. He sent me to a medical consultant for a full investigation, including an overnight sleep study. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea and as I wasn’t keen to use CPAP, I was referred back to Dr Owens for a device for my mouth. The device works really well and I feel so much better. I have had another sleep study to check it’s working and now feel reassured that the device is working well, my numbers are good.

Ciaran Mc L

I have been snoring for many years and finally my wife persuaded me to do something about it. She was tired of interrupted sleep and threatened the spare room! I came into The Beacon Dental Clinic and Dr Ed Owens has sorted me out- No more snoring. We are both delighted with the service and the device which was made for me fits beautifully.  I never go anywhere overnight without it. They are to be highly recommended.

Mr Thomas K

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