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The Mandibular Advancement Device

A Mandibular Advancement Device (M.A.D.) is used to treat mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. It can be used for the treatment of Severe Sleep Apnoea when the patient cannot tolerate a Continuous Positive Airways Pressurised (C.P.A.P.) machine.

The Mandibular Advancement Device System is precision-made for each individual patient. The device is worn in the mouth, moving the lower jaw slightly forward (in a managed way) to adequately increase the opening of the upper airway, specifically the Oropharynx. The Mandibular Advancement Device System is used to manage many Sleep Disordered Breathing presentations ranging from Snoring, often present with Night-time Bruxism (tooth grinding) Mild and Moderate Sleep Apnoea and in some cases, Severe Sleep Apnoea, where a patient cannot tolerate C.P.A.P. (C.P.A.P. intolerant).

The M.A.D. is designed by scanning each patient’s upper and lower jaw, transferring their specific details to the laboratory, to manufacture each individual patient’s device to best manage their Sleep Disordered Breathing condition. Once placed, the device system performance can be evaluated in several ways, with a variety of available criteria and systems.

In the Beacon Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic, we work closely with our Medical Colleagues, Respiratory Consultants, Sleep Consultants, Consultants in Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgeons, General Medical Practitioners, Dentists many other allied health professionals. Accurate diagnosis with precision MAD therapy or C.P.A.P. is central to the success of any patient treatment intervention.

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