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Better sleep is just the start of treating your Sleep Disordered Breathing, which has been studied to be associated with the following:

Weight Loss

Evidence suggests a relationship between insufficient sleep, overeating and weight gain with Sleep Disordered Breathing of which the most common symptom is snoring.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

People with untreated sleep apnoea are twenty times more likely to have a heart attack and are four times more likely to suffer a stroke, due to intermittent oxygen supply caused by respiratory pauses in Sleep Disordered Breathing ( Sleep Apnoea, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea)

Reduce or Eliminate Snoring

Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing typically leads to the reduction and/or elimination of snoring (noisy breathing), helping you and your bed partner achieve and maintain better sleep, achieving a harmonious sleeping arrangements.

Increased Energy

Daytime drowsiness is a symptom of Sleep Disordered Breathing and increased energy is widely reported among those who treat their symptoms. Increasing overnight oxygenation, providing for adequate, quality sleep with increased day time function and performance.

Increased Focus

Treating your Sleep Disordered Breathing, of which Snoring is the most common symptom,  results in your body adequately resting and regenerating over-night. Those who treat their Sleep Disordered Breathing report an marked improvement in daytime mood, their  concentration and overall mental focus.


Concise treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing reduces your risk factors of premature death and yields many life-enhancing health benefits, by good night-time oxygenation, replenishing and repairing cells to their optimal function. There are multiple studies and ongoing research endeavours to disambiguate (untangle) the many symptoms associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing. 

People often do not know where to start. The first step is to get in touch or call 01 531 0088 to discuss your specific concerns and let us help you solve the problem and regain control of your night-time sleep.


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