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Your questions answered

How do I make an appointment at the Clinic? Doctor, dentist or self referral

Call or email us to contact our reception staff who will arrange an appointment for you or respond to queries you may have. This will allow us to schedule the most appropriate amount of time to deal with your concerns. Contact us now.

Where are you located?

We are located adjacent to the Beacon Hospital in Beacon Court Complex in Sandyford, Dublin 18.
We are located in The Beacon Consultants Clinic Suites 1 & 2. Follow blue floor arrows to locate the consultants clinic. Written directions and downloadable location map options are available by clicking the Our Location link on the upper right of this page. Our staff will be pleased to assist you before your appointment or when you arrive at the Beacon Court Complex.

I am concerned about my teeth and mouth health and have not had dental care for a long time where do I start?

Your dental condition may be complex or straightforward. Your perception of your problems may be correct or exaggerated. We have the experience and the team to evaluate your real requirements and provide advice and help with whatever may be preventing you from receiving the dental care you require. There are no barriers to care at the Beacon Dental Clinic. Reclaiming your dental health begins with a first consultation. Read more on our consultation page.

What will my comprehensive oral health exam consist of?

Your examination will involve a review of your medical and dental histories including a complete examination of your face and jaws. Your gum health, the condition of individual teeth and the bite relationship between your upper and lower teeth will be thoroughly examined. You will also be screened for the presence of any other mouth disease.

X-Ray images of your teeth and jaws will form part of this examination and in most cases impressions of your teeth for dental study models will be made. Any dietary issues, which may be affecting your dental health, will be highlighted for you.

Evaluating your appearance is also an important component of this examination. This involves examination of the colour, shape, position and dimension of your teeth and also careful examination of your gums to evaluate how these combined contribute to your overall smile and facial appearance. Read more on our consultation page

What if I am very apprehensive about dental treatment?

Your comfort is a primary concern to all our team. Our clinicians have a range of techniques to deal with the anxiety associated with dental treatments, which you may be experiencing. These range from gentle local anaesthetic techniques to sedation techniques for specific dental procedures and also behavioural management techniques among other strategies. Our goal as a team is to remove the barriers to you receiving the dental care you require and we have the resources in place to deal with all your treatment requirements in a comprehensive and organised manner.

What is the difference between the specialist dentists at the Beacon Dental Clinic and a general dentist?

All the clinicians at the Beacon Dental Clinic are formally certified university-graduated specialists in their respective areas, Prosthodontics (Restorative and Implant Dentistry), Periodontics (and Implant Dentistry), Oral Surgery and Oro-Facial Pain Management. We work as a with our general dentist and medical colleagues to provide integrated care in a timely and cost efficient manner in one convenient location. For other less common treatment requirements we have an established network of dental and medical specialists who we collaborate with to provide optimal care for you. Read more about our clinicians or learn more about Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Oral Surgery.

Do you treat snoring/sleep apnoea?

Yes.Management options for snoring and sleep apnoea are provided following a medical diagnosis of these conditions. We work with a number of medical specialists involved in the diagnosis and management of these problems. With over 16 years of experience we are a leading centre in the provision of oral devices in this area and have successfully managed large numbers of patients who present with these problems. Please review the Dental Sleep Medicine in our Treatments section for detailed information.

Do you treat tooth grinding sleep bruxism?

Yes. Sleep related disorders such as tooth grinding and clenching and occasional temporomandibular (jaw)joint problems are problems which can occur at any age. These conditions if not managed can lead to significant tooth wear and mobility and complications can also arise with existing dental restorations. Jaw function such as chewing can also be affected and movement may become restricted and painful. Please review the Dental Sleep Medicine in our Treatments section for detailed information on this condition.

How long will my treatment take?

This will depend on the complexity of the dentistry required to deal with your requirements and your also your personal preferences. Remember many dental problems have been developing over a number of years but in most cases once the immediate aspects of treatment have been accomplished the timing of definitive treatment can be customised to meet your needs.

In general it is the sequence of treatment rather than the schedule that is the most important consideration in providing long-term solutions to your dental problems. Read more on our consultation page

What are the typical costs of dental treatment?

A guide to or fees are given in the costs of dental treatment section.
Your individual costs will be presented as part of your personal dental report. These are cost estimates and may vary depending on the materials used in the making of restorations like crowns or bridges which use for example gold or other precious metals in their construction.

If treatment requirements change alterations to the fees presented in your report will be discussed with you in advance.

We have a number of payment methods to help spread the costs of the dental care you require. Some aspects of services provided are tax deductible. Our administrative staff prepares the necessary forms and financial details for you, following treatment completion.

If you have dental insurance we will assist in the processing of any necessary documentation. Our Costs

What happens after my treatment is complete?

Once your treatment is complete we provide an aftercare program with our Dental Hygiene Team, which provides continuous preventative and dental hygiene needs.

Periodic oral examinations with your dentist at predetermined set intervals is also central of your ongoing care. Our objective is working with you to ensure the longevity of the dental treatments provided through this structured approach.

What is a dental crown/bridge/dental implant?

For explanations of these and many other dental procedures you can refer to our Patient Education Section. Our Case Studies show examples of actual typical procedures carried out at the Beacon Dental Clinic.

There are specific areas on the site dealing with the Restorative, Prosthodontic, Periodontal, Oral surgical, Dental Hygiene and Dental Sleep Medicine Services we provide.


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